NAB Show 2024 Is Ready To Go All-In On Artificial Intelligence

(Canva) The broadcast, media, and entertainment industries are undergoing a revolution, courtesy of artificial intelligence, and the NAB Show has plans to face the changes head-on in Las Vegas. The Show has announced a full lineup of AI-centered shows, talk, and content. More than 120 sessions will focus on AI, addressing generative AI, legal concerns, and the latest technological breakthroughs.

These sessions all stretch across the show’s three main tracks: create, connect, and capitalize. “AI in the Newsroom” will focus on AI’s growth in news media, featuring executives from global news giants like Sinclair and the BBC. The discussion will navigate through the benefits and challenges posed by AI, shedding light on the technological advancements that are redefining journalistic practices and what could be in store.

On a more lighthearted note, a unique “trial” will entertain attendees as AI is humorously prosecuted for its danger and conformity in content creation. Adding to the show’s interactive nature and entertainment, an AI-powered humanoid robot named Ameca will present a unique study on AI in media alongside Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig. For those looking to deepen their AI expertise, the NAB Show also offers AI Training and Certifications in partnership with Future Media Concepts.

Another headline session on the Main Stage, AI in Media and Entertainment, will feature SMPTE President Renard Jenkins, Pinscreen’s Hao Li, and Runway’s Alejandro Matamala Ortiz in discussion with NAB’s Sam Matheny. The panel will dissect AI’s diverse roles, discussing the advantages and potential downsides of its proliferating use. NAB EVP of Global Connections and Events Chris Brown said, “NAB Show is the perfect forum for discussion and debate about AI – with the best and brightest in the business.

The 2024 NAB Show offers attendees a front-row seat to explore the transformative power of AI on our industry. With more than 120 sessions featuring AI, each attendee will find topics relevant to their work. ” Full details about upcoming sessions and the NAB Show 2024 schedule can be found on the event site.

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